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Polycarbonate Walled-Trapezoidal Sheet

It is used for illumination purposes and/or alone as a covering material on all kinds of roofs and facades.

(Rooflights - Winter gardens - Entrance eaves - Terraces and verandas - Greenhouses - Transition tunnels between buildings - Swimming pools - Stair and balcony railings - Stadiums - Parking lots, bus stops - Billboards - Banks and offices, building entrances and exits - Factory lights - pedestrian overpasses)


  • – Excellent thermal insulation

  • – Easy shaping such as hot and cold bending

  • – Resistance to breakage (200 times more resistant than glass and 6 times more resistant than acrylic sheet)

  • – Resistance to natural conditions

  • – Light transmittance up to 90%

  • – Possibility to work at temperatures between -40,+115°C

  • – Ease of processing, storage, use and assembly

  • – Sound insulation

  • – Water retention feature on the surface

Technicial Specifications

Width:                90cm

Height:              From 200cm to 1350cm

Thickness:          4/5/6mm

Color Options: Transparent and all colors.

Technical drawing

Polycarbonate Walled-Trapezoidal Sheet
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