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PVC Panel Tile Sheet

It can be used on residences, terraces, porches, prefabricated and workplaces, vaulted roof systems, schools, hospitals, social facilities and many other roofs.


‹ Easy to install, economical and lightweight.

‹ It is durable with its flexible structure.

‹ Resistant to weather conditions and sunlight

‹ It is environmentally friendly.

‹ With its coating feature, it does not retain rain and snow.

‹ It is completely isolated against sunlight and sound.

PVC Panel Kiremit Levha..jpg

Technicial Specifications

Width:                89/104cm

Height:              From 200cm to 600cm

Thickness:          2.0/2.5/3.0mm

Color Options: Coffee, Anthracite, Green, Orange, Blue

teknik çizim.png

Technical drawing

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