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PVC Narrow Corrugated/Sheet Corrugated - Sinus Plate

It is used as a coating material on all kinds of roofs and facades for bright purposes and/or alone, in accordance with galvanized sheet profiles. (Factory roof and facade lighting, garage, gallery, warehouse, warehouse, greenhouse and marketplace roof containers, etc.)


Excellent light transmission.
Easy carrying and application.
It is resistant to weather conditions.
Fire class: B-s1,d0
Environmentally friendly product.

photo1693424961 (3).jpeg

Technicial Specifications

Width:                87.5cm/114cm

Height:              From 200cm to 600cm

Useful Area:   80.7cm / 107cm

Thickness:          0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5mm

Groove Width:        76mm  

Groove Depth:  18mm

Color Options: Illuminated white, yellow, blue

Opaque white, yellow, blue


Technical drawing

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